"I now realize that what must be said is what I suppress the most – out of fear of sharing too much and appearing vulnerable - as an individual and as a brand." (Photography:

- Personal anecdote / Iron Age Concept + Collection, INBTWN MAG - ISSUE 06


"Hvnter Gvtherer is showing its mettle in more ways than one. Flying in the face of fleeting trends, it is driven by the ethos of maximising limited resources. Where possible, the artist uses recycled or sustainably sourced materials - and it’s this that helps the artistry itself to shine. The handcrafting of the raw mediums injects every item wiht a unique character, each one perfectly imperfect."  (Photography:

- Rae Boocock, SUITCASE Magazine - Vol. 22 The Design issue. 


Although we do not realize it, everything that surrounds us has a direct line with our past. Everything connects us to our first ancestors, those who discovered fire, learned to handle metals and related directly to their environment. With these ideas and inspiration in mind Laura Prieto-Velasco creates her exquisite jewelry designs and pieces for the home. Born in Pennsylvania to Puerto Rican and Argentine parents, Laura now resides in Chicago, where she teaches and practices her passion for metallurgy.

- ARMARIO LOCAL interview


"In a nutshell, hunting and gathering culture is something that inspires me....and how it is accessible for a lot of people, and how a lot of people understand what that means and can identify with it. the ideas slide on a scale from sophisticated to very simple. People also very much inspire me."  

- Create With: Laura Prieto-Velasco - WITH / ANOTHER interview


Meet Laura, the woman behind the independent jewelry and accessories brand, Hunter Gatherer. She currently teaches Design and Sculpture courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She started Hunter Gatherer in 2011 as a side project to make jewelry and adornment for the urban nomad. Her background in Fine Arts and Design is evident through her sculptural pieces in their unique aesthetic and form. 



 "I find a lot of satisfaction in creating work that people - all different kinds of people - would actually wear; myself included. I always test drive my designs for a few months before releasing them. At one point I decided if I wouldn’t wear it I couldn’t expect others to either."

- Designer Interview , THE UNCONVENTIONAL 


"Laura's one of a kind handmade pieces skirt the line between wearable everyday jewelry and high art."



Hvnter Gvtherer is a Chicago-based jewelry line that features striking metal work and simple yet modern designs that call upon the ideology and imagery of primitive human cultures and trade techniques... We immediately identified with her emphasis on materials, minimalist design style and conceptual campaigns.  



"I'm really inspired by the way people make things and how these things create meaning in their lives."

- Behind the Design, COLABINATION


"The ancient tendency to marry portability with aesthetic functionality, in jewelry and other objects, is one of the hidden cultural indicators that I find particularly fascinating."

- Designer Spotlight, BLEAQ 


Placing emphasis on the process and rawness of each individual work, the brand's more recent work is "interested in investigating linear forms that showcase rhythmic marks of the creative process." 



"My instincts come alive when I find a way to connect ancient and modern worlds in an interesting way. Old experiences can tell new stores."  

- Interview, VELVIT VALULT 


On this episode, Brit-El is joined via Skype by Laura Prieto-Velasco of Hvnter Gvtherer for discussion on her approach to metalwork, the concept of sacred space, connected existence of the ancient and modern and more.



"(One of) The biggest challenges (in the creative process) is myself - trying to make work that I find relevant and interesting"