ARES ring

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ARES ring

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(1) Bright Silver and (1) Oxidized Silver Available + Ready to Ship ON SALE

"The fight ahead of out is never as great as the power within you."

ARES is neither male nor female. It is undefeatable spirit.

Inspired by the Greek God of war the ARES ring has a richly textured yet minimal, unisex, and adjustable design that reminds us to maintain a warrior spirit in difficult times.

BRONZE AGE collection

raw bronze OR distressed silver. *Suitable for sizes 7 - 9

photography: Mikayla Brown


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rings are adjustable (sizes 6 - 8.5/some 9)

If you are inquiring about a larger size we will add a "flap" of additional material which accommodates sizes 9 - 10/some 10.5 for a small fee. Write us for your custom piece.