SAL ET CORIUM explores the shifting qualities of power and presence through a series of sculptural adornments created from pre-worn black leather garments. Inspired by pre-iron age armor and contemporary leather culture, the accessories designer proposes a new approach to creative ritual and self-realization through the spirit of DIY music and fashion. Each piece in the collection only becomes fully realized when worn; taking on its true shape when united with its ultimate muse. 

Creative collaboration with Muse/Model Heather Gabel.



Inspired by porcupines, claws and brass knuckles, the Brutal Branch Ring is inspired by natural and manmade armor.

Each ring is cast directly from twigs collected in Chicago. No molds are used to produce this design and no two pieces are alike. Bespoke design/ Please contact us for information on placing a custom order. 



I designed the original Zeus ring as my wedding ring. It interlocks with my husband’s ring to symbolize our juxtaposed partnership and personal autonomies. The ring is named for the god of thunder, who sent a tornado through Chicago just in time for our nocturnal wedding.

Zeus 1