i r o n a g e

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“When the truth is a lie, reality is an illusion.

but you can’t white out the world so easily,

the nothing left is an emptiness so full it can kill you…”

HVNTER GVTHERER announces the debut of the IRON AGE collection with an experiential fashion/lifestyle show and live performance. In one night only, the darkest of dreams will pierce our illusion of reality.  More nightmare than nirvana, the sensory experience that awaits aims to connect the conscious and the subconscious, the past and the present, the primal and the civilized.

Postdating the BRONZE AGE, the IRON AGE explores systems of power, our relationship with raw materials and the effects of late capitalism. Inspired by a misplaced dream, current events and personal narrative, the designer offers a collection that asks more questions than it can answer….


photo by Mikayla Brown

P O R O S - homewares


I am a passage, hand forged from the fire.

You can define my structure but not it's intent.


HVNTER GVTHERER’s homewares collection is inspired by the concept of contained voids and anonymous spaces, titled POROS which is an ancient greek word meaning 'passage, pore.’

POROS pieces are hand forged in a meditative rhythmic state and finished with a charcoal black high heat enamel coating. A thin outer ring reveals underlying brass, bronze or copper and marks the portal boundary between reality and liminal sacred space. All imperfections are intentional, each piece is entirely unique and no two are alike.


o r i g i n s


ORIGINS introduces the LUMEN finish, which features a muted white mixed with dark and metallic shades over copper. ORIGINS begs the question of who we were, who we are and where we’re going. The past and the future collide in this collection by reflecting the desire to understand the cosmic dust that fashioned us, sustains us and which will inevitably embrace us again.


Photography by Krist Mort



EXITIUM is born from endings. Though organic matter must decay, destruction remains a creative force and space for change. The darkest abyss is fissured with life.

Each piece in EXITIUM is powdercoated a deep, matte black. Rough, modulated surfaces reveal the processes that bore them, while the wearer’s unique movements remake each piece over time. The charred hue of the Necromancy Cuff gives way to copper’s warmth, the Whipsnake molds itself to the neck. Leather and metal work in concert, protecting the wrist and throat while forging a pact with the past. Ornament or weapon? Jewel or armor? Ancient or modern? Perhaps there is no difference.



Photography by    Carolina Mariana

Photography by Carolina Mariana


BAIT, HVNTER GVTHERER’s inaugural collection, is inspired by traditional, non-invasive fishing techniques from India. Imperfect repetition is the hallmark of this collection. Minimal in form and infinitely stackable, the Dhiri, Dandoor and Dhundka Rings recall the latticework of hand-wrought nets in deceptively safe shallows. The Lacustrine Necklace pulls it together with strong, sleek shapes. Watch for a movement. Beware the lure. We are shoaling fish, moving with certainty in an uncertain sea.