Richard Blackwell designed and created the new Hvnter Gvtherer website. Richard is an Australian Artist/Designer and works on a wide range of collaborative / consultative projects mostly to extend his artistic practice and network into other disciplines.


Creative confident / Brand collaborator Brad Johns is SovState and wears many hats. 


FotobyMateo is a freelance artist and fashion photographer currently based in Los Angeles who created imagery for the Origins 15, BRONZE AGE, and upcoming IRON AGE collection look books, among other creative projects. @fotodemateo


Writer for IRON AGE copy and BRONZE AGE Words/Koans/Written by Leslie Gray (@ladyleslie), a writer by trade and by passion who brings wit, whimsy and beautiful brutality to communication of all kinds. Also friend and collaborator to the designer on various creative outlets. Read more about Leslie and her work HERE


Lakshmi Ramgopal wrote copy for Hvnter Gvtherer's Exitium and Origins collections, received a PhD from University of Chicago and performs under solo moniker Lykantha

photo by Mikayla Brown

photo by Mikayla Brown

Work/Learn Exchange Assistants (ongoing)

Ben Hayden, Yihan Jin, Sihan Wang, Shui Jin, Natalie Slater, Carol Chang SAIC, 2018

Tao Tao, 2018

Mikayla Brown, SAIC, 2016

Rose Hoffeld, SAIC, 2016

Lauren Bach, UIC, 2016-17

Jessie Brett, 2016-17

Gabriella Meyer, U of M, 2016

Callie Spiros, SAIC, 2016

Weiling Feng, SAIC, 2015

Ana Hui Zhang, SAIC, 2015


An educator at heart, Laura hosts internships for students interested in gaining experience within the nexus of Art + Design which is the pulse of Hvnter Gvtherer. SAIC CPAX partner.