Ravyn Lenae just released her newest album CRUSH, and we couldn't be more excited to see her rocking our work on the cover! Thank you Ravyn + Team, and big congrats to you on this beautiful release. Check her out here 


Ravyn Lenae CRUSH-site.png
Ravyn Lenae CRUSH-TOUR.png

Photographer: Jingyu Lin (@jingyulin_) (

Makeup Artist: Mollie Gloss (@molliegloss) (

Hair Stylist: Donte Mitchell (@dontemitchellhair) (

Wardrobe Styling: Laura Gordon (@logordon_) (

Record Label/ Producer: Atlantic Records

Behind the Scenes shot courtesy of Laura Gordon, thank you!



I decided to re-release a re-vamped version of the Laura Palmer finger in celebration of Twin Peak's newest seasons. Though this piece is quite different from what I am currently making, it will always be a personal favorite as a cult classic indulgences and one of the first designs I ever offered for Hvnter Gvtherer (previous Hunter Gatherer Chicago ca. 2012).

An updated version of it's ancestor, this piece is cast solid in sterling silver and features a heavy hammered bar link chain in sterling. Customizable options available.


Once in a while HVNTER GVTHERER makes an appearance in fashion magazines in contexts that blend art + fashion in conceptually exciting ways. This is one such occurrence, and am honored to share these with you all here.

The fashion world operates as an enigmatic force that shares glimpses of its heartbeat at what feels an inhuman speed. Perhaps the metaphor of the speed of light might come close but I believe it is a multi-dimensional speed that can best be experienced rather than explained. As an independent designer working within the realm of slow fashion, the fast pace of the fashion world is inspiring at times but can often feel overwhelming.  This is one of the reasons I work on yearly conceptual collections, allowing my work to evolve as I respond to my human experience. But I am but merely one person, one cog in the greater machine. Sometimes these fast paced moments make me stop and think. Vision changing in the blink of an eye - even if it is for a millisecond...

Blink is fashion in motion, a split second or many, Blink by Jingyu Lin, styled by Laura Gordon featuring model Bryn @FORD Models Chicago. Make-Up and Hair by Caitlin Krenz.




Launched May 4, 2017 by artists Jacki Holland and Laura Prieto-Velasco (Hvnter Gvtherer). This evolving collaborative collection showcases sculptural wearable pieces, featuring hand smithed and blackened collars with silk, horse hair, micro beading and fiber techniques.

Please inquire for current availability and wholesale pricing


Model: April Lynn Pollard

Styling: Laura Gordon

Photography: Laura Prieto-Velasco

The Metalsmith's Apprentice

My name is Jessie; I am the newest member of Hvnter Gvtherer and Laura's apprentice in metalsmithing. I'm very excited to be studying under one of my favorite artists and dearest friends, and I look forward to sharing my work through HVGV's various retail and social media outlets.

Over the past several weeks, I have mostly been working with Laura on building up stock, which has given me plenty of smithing practice. It has also given me time to think about how I want to contribute to the growth of this beautiful and deeply narrative brand. I love how Laura imprints history, mythology, ritual, and a passionate love for metal into each of her handmade pieces. It is my goal to bring that same sensibility to my creations - and though I still can't believe it, we are about to release my first design.

 In-progress photo of POROSOME

Introducing POROSOME, Hvnter Gvtherer's newest piece inspired by the POROS bowls. Pulling from my years of experience in fortune-telling and ritual practice, I designed this ring in collaboration with Laura for both casual and ritual use. The small cup can hold several drops of liquid and is intended to provide its wearer with insight and grounding by gazing into its depths, a practice often referred to as "scrying". It can also simply be a wicked piece of jewelry.

POROSOME is available for purchase in a very limited run of twelve rings finished in black powdercoat, but we will be making more very soon. This collaboration is also a prequel to another HVGV project that I can't wait to share with everyone - but for now, that vision will be kept secret until Laura and I can hammer it out, so to speak.

Should you have the opportunity to visit us at one of our shows or pop-ups, please stop by to say hi! I'd love to give you a quick palm reading and help you find that perfect Hvnter Gvtherer piece.

J, the metalsmith's apprentice

Dawn of the Bronze Age

 Photo by Elizabeth Claire. Model is Muted Fawn. Photographed in Los Angeles, CA

Photo by Elizabeth Claire. Model is Muted Fawn. Photographed in Los Angeles, CA

It is the dawn of a new collection, and the dawn of the BRONZE AGE. As we shift gears we will be retiring several older designs - many of which are discounted in our shop. 

On that note...If there is a piece in stock from the EXITIUM, ORIGINS, or BAIT collection you have been eyeing but haven't made the plunge due to price or a lack of a sale/discount, please ask! We want our jewelry to be worn and loved by those who admire and appreciate our handcrafted work. We are human, we are artists, we are flesh and blood with a desire to create....above all else... despite the appearance of a brand/online/faceless storefront. 

Better yet -- if you're in Chicago visit our Open House this Sunday 1-4pm

Stay tuned for more on the new collection and inspiration.

Exhibition opening - Sept 15, 6-9pm

pavilion 20thc is pleased to present during chicago art week


Pavilion 20thC presents an intriguing group of six artists, where process is an underlying
theme and the integral link between concept and creation.
The processes of additive and reductive, layering and repetition or the stripping away of chosen materials and
iterations of patterns and space to create new languages, creates a way to comment on life.
This exhibition includes sculpture, painting, drawing and furniture,
shown in Pavilion's curated collection of French and Italian 20th century design,
allows for the ability to view the work within an historical context.
 Pavilion continues its ongoing dialogue between the historical design and the contemporary. 

Eric Gushee
Elliot Bergman
Hannah Vaughan
Lukas Machnik
Cleveland Dean

Laura Prieto Velasco

Continuing during EXPO CHICAGO September 22-25
CHICAGO ART AFTER HOURS 2016 September 23 6 - 9 pm
The show and exhibit continues through October 15.








HVNTER GVTHERER is seeking interns for Summer/fall 2016.

HVNTER GVTHERER is an independent artisan/atelier studio based in Chicago. As an intern, you will get the chance to work alongside and under the supervision of the principal designer in a start-up environment while gaining a thorough understanding of what it takes to build a brand from scratch.  

Requirements / seeking
- Design, communications, business, major or related concentration
- Proficient in Photoshop/Illustrator, Word/Excel. Experience with Squarespace a plus.
- Availability of 3-5 days a week
- Can be credit or noncredit
- Excellent organizational and time management skills
- Excellent communication skills

* Working directly with principal designer on hands-on projects to prepare for Fall presentations
* Assist with creation of linesheets, lookbooks, and compiling visual materials for the brand
* Research materials for future collections
* Responsibilities can include everything from designing to running basic errands
* Intern must live and work from Chicago, IL

Please send your cover letter, detailed resume, and list of references to We look forward to hearing from you!


In honor of the Slow fashion movement, and the time and energy it has taken to create and prepare this long term collection, I decided it was best to ease into this new direction by releasing the SAL ET CORIUM collection in three phases. The first was an inaugural release/launch party on November 13, 2015 which presented teaser material for the collection and dj'd by special guest Zola Jesus. Hosted by Cindy's a rooftop restaurant in the newely renovated Chicago Athletic Association hotel. (Event Listing)

The second phase of the series was the release of the full length SAL ET CORIUM video and DIY fashion show presented on Friday February 5, 2016 at Open House Contemporary in Chicago IL. Exclusive audio score created by local musician Seth Sher (HIDE / Oakeater). Video directed by artist Christopher Michael Hefner. Model, muse, artist and creative collaborator Heather Gabel activated the leather works while interacting with designer Laura Prieto-Velasco.

Looks modeled by creative talent: Jack Collier, Rebecca Ladida, Laura Gordon, Noelia Towers, LeCiel, Daniel Tovar, Quinn A., Elizabeth Ospina, and Christopher Dorian

Third and final presentation of the collection released online via our online shop!



We have a new home!

Hvnter Gvtherer is an artisnal quality accessories company rooted in a DIY ethos for those with independent style and sophisticated taste. To better serve our growing clientele we decided to open a studio showroom where you can meet the designer, discuss one of a kind commissions, schedule fittings, or browse the collection in person. The private showroom is conveniently located in a beautiful lofted brick building in the Chicago neighborhood of West River North with ample street parking or easily accessible via public transit. Please Like us on Facebook and contact us to schedule a visit. 


FAROUCHE is a collection Chelsea Wolfe and I co-designed earlier this year.  An investigation of form, meaning, and context through the format of jewelry (an ear cuff and a ring bearing spikes) lovingly named "pricks". They are made from raw sterling and fine silver, sharpened by hand, and packaged with a lock of pink hair wrapped in copper wire. Haruki Murakami's quote evoked a complementary mood to our collection, "I was the chain that bit into my ankle, and I was the ruthless guard who never slept."

FAROUCHE debuted November 30, 2015 and pre-orders are being crafted/will ship early 2016. Please contact us for custom orders or other inquiries 


Endings / Beginnings

November has been a time of shifting tides; equally turbulent and peaceful.

So much has happened this month that it is hard to believe it can be encapsulated into a time span of 28 days.

I worked with a team of incredible creatives (Chris Hefner + Heather Gabel, among others) to create a film for the release and launch of a new project and direction for me. SAL ET CORIUM was debuted on November 13 at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel hours after the world heard the heartbreaking news of the attack on Paris. A week after the artist collective which I have been a part of for only a few months received word that we had to move out by December 31, 2015 due to construction. Luckily, I managed to find a new space to continue the Hvnter Gvtherer showroom in a better location and will be sharing it with someone who has contributed so much and has become a dear friend. (more on this later)

With being only a few short days before having to pack everything up and move out, yesterday marked an end to this chapter in an extremely poetic way for me because I got the chance to do something fun and creative on the fly with some amazing talent. 

A few months ago Cassie Meder (some of you may know her as "Casstronaut", please check out the work and musings of this creative soul) reached out to see if I might be interested in collaborating in a video while she visited Chicago.  We have known each other for years via the internet and was extremely excited to finally work with her in person. Of course I said yes!

We had a few rough ideas in mind but certainly nothing concrete. I had sent her some images of various locations and things I had on hand but we didn't have a lot of the details ironed out until the project was actually happening. We connected with friend and lovely muse Leslie Gray at the last minute and shot. We some of the recent leather pieces I made paired with wardrobe by Hogan Mclaughlin in the building that houses (soon to be past tense) the Fulton Street Collective. I am so happy we ended up using this location to close this bittersweet chapter and I sure will miss this space. 

As far as impromptu projects go this ranks high on the amazing experience scale with zero expectations, an intent to create something new together, and damn, it felt really good -- especially during a time of high stress and holiday craze. 

Below are a few behind the scenes shots of the process. I was a fly on the wall while Cassie and Leslie worked their magic. 

The start of a blog

I decided it's about time to start a blog, a place to share parts of the Hvnter Gvtherer story that don't seem to fit in other platforms. 

This blog will serve as a way to document the stories, projects, process, collaborations, inspirations and thoughts of a creative soul serving a greater vision. If you are reading this you may have purchased some of my work in the past, follow along on social media, are a student, a collaborator or a friend. In any case, thank you for taking the time to visit and see what I've been up to.