Once in a while HVNTER GVTHERER makes an appearance in fashion magazines in contexts that blend art + fashion in conceptually exciting ways. This is one such occurrence, and am honored to share these with you all here.

The fashion world operates as an enigmatic force that shares glimpses of its heartbeat at what feels an inhuman speed. Perhaps the metaphor of the speed of light might come close but I believe it is a multi-dimensional speed that can best be experienced rather than explained. As an independent designer working within the realm of slow fashion, the fast pace of the fashion world is inspiring at times but can often feel overwhelming.  This is one of the reasons I work on yearly conceptual collections, allowing my work to evolve as I respond to my human experience. But I am but merely one person, one cog in the greater machine. Sometimes these fast paced moments make me stop and think. Vision changing in the blink of an eye - even if it is for a millisecond...

Blink is fashion in motion, a split second or many, Blink by Jingyu Lin, styled by Laura Gordon featuring model Bryn @FORD Models Chicago. Make-Up and Hair by Caitlin Krenz.