Photography by Mateo Stephens

Photography by Mateo Stephens



The hand-applied powder coat finishes used for our products will naturally change over time. Part of the beauty of this kind of finish is it's slow erosion depending on your lifestyle and individual body chemistry. 

The "LUMEN" finish is a custom mix of various powder coat finishes and has a cool, gritty metallic luster, similar to lunar dust collected off an aluminum rich terrestrial landscape.

Matte Black Finish Maintenance:

If you prefer to maintain the matte finish avoid using oily hand creams while wearing the jewelry and always remove it before going to sleep and avoid submerging the jewelry in water and keep in storage box when not worn.

On the other hand, if you prefer a deep lustrous finish that is reminiscent of jet or mourning jewelry you can "shine" the work by using an oil or thick hand cream of your choice. My favorite is raw coconut oil. 

Raw Burned Bronze Finish Maintenance:

Part of the beauty of our raw burned bronze will naturally oxidize over time. If you wish to revive the luster please polish with a soft cloth. As of July 2017 all bronze jewelry sold in our shop that comes in direct contact with your skin will have a clear coating. If you prefer to not have this please let us know in the notes when placing your order.



Pure raw copper is our primary metal of choice for its historical meaning and anthropoligical value. It was the first metal to have been recorded worked by early humans by smelting into a small bead to be worn as jewelry. Copper is also known for it's life giving properties as an essential nutrient and is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Powder coat over raw copper is used in all the hammered designs, including the Santorini Rings, Lumen Rings, Sphinx claw, and Lumen Cuffs. High copper content bronze (2% tin) is used in the Brutal Branch series. Dhiri Rings are made out of salvaged brass wire with  powder coat finish. All earring posts are Sterling Silver and all backs are powder coat over large surgical stainless steel clutches, which provide a durable barrier for sensitive ears.

Our newst collection "BRONZE AGE" features hand hammered, burned and polished raw bronze pieces which are sealed in wax. For sensitive skin we suggest painting the interior metal with clear nail polish.

Please contact us with your any concerns or special requests: hvntergvtherer@gmail.com